Discussions on gender, borders and multispecies agencies with collective health marked the First Seminar – Cosmpolitics of Care at the End of the World. Professor Oswaldo Baquero was one of those invited to speak about multispecies health at the roundtable ‘Not defending the indefensible’: knowledge, experiences and bodies-territories for other health for other publics. Watch the seminar here.


The SUP Network project brings the public policy for the reproductive control of dogs and cats to the São Remo community. This is the second castration campaign in a partnership between the Municipal Health Department’s Coordination of Domestic Animal Health and Protection (COSAP), USP’s Campus Prefecture and USP’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science.


The Urban Composition meeting is a community initiative to will address the physical and mental health of children and adolescents in the peripheries, particularly abuse and exploitation. The event will bring toigehter community leaders and health professionals. The issue will also be addressed from the perspective of One Health of Peripheries. The event will be held at the Jardim São Remo Residents’ Association, Rua Aquinés, 109, on 29 April 2023, between 2pm and 6pm.


The SUP Network project brings the public policy for the reproductive control of dogs and cats to the São Remo community. This is a partnership between the Coordination of Health and Protection of Domestic Animals (COSAP) of the Municipal Health Department, USP’s City Hall and USP’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science.


The book Multispecies Communities and Families: Contributions to Single Health in Peripheries will be launched on 1 June at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IEA-USP). See the launch and the book.


The SUP Network is invited to share some of its pedagogical experiences at the 1st Colloquium on Solidarity Learning in Brazil. The presenter is the researcher Yasmin Alexandre. Watch the session herehere, with her speech starting at minute 1:59:22.


Researchers Oswaldo Baquero and Érica Peçanha took part in the Working Group Humans and non-humans in urban environments: landscapes, images and interactions at the 2nd Meeting of the Laboratory for Studies and Research on Cities and Images: urban alterities and their representations.


The Sporotrichosis in the Peripheries webinar series, organised by the SUP network and nPeriferias, will cover the epidemiological situation of feline and zoonotic sporotrichosis; the experiences of zoonosis control centres, social organisations and outreach projects dealing with the disease; and our group’s research on the impact of vulnerability and surveillance strategies in silent areas.

Image source: Dr Fernando Pereira – Guarulhos Zoonoses Control Centre.

Watch the webinars here.


SUP Call 02-2021, as part of PRCEU Call 02/2021 Social Inclusion and Diversity at USP and its Campus Municipalities, offers a postdoctoral fellowship to work on the implementation of OHP’s Young Agents programme. The starting date is September 2021. See the call.


The candidates selected in the call SUP 01-2021 “One Health of Peripheries Young Agents” are, in alphabetical order Bruno Jesus, Cassiane Oliveira Duarte, Gabriel Santos, Helmara Lima, Juliana Silva, Julia Thauany Rodrigues Santana, Thuany Bibiano and Vitória Nunes.


The One Health of Peripheries Young Agents project has opened applications for the selection of young scholarship holders who will participate in community actions to promote SUP. See the SUP call 01-2021 here.


The webinar series Insalubrity and Meatpacking Plants, organised by the SUP network and nPeriferias, will address biosafety discourses, precarious working conditions, the typification of risk and the spillover of violence suffered by animals and workers into neighbouring communities. There will be four presentations, each based on a piece of research, and a fifth session to discuss a documentary film.

Image source: We Animals.

Watch the webinar here.


Professor Oswaldo Baquero of the OHP Network is the guest speaker at the 1st IVSA Regional Symposium of the Americas – Public Health to discuss One Health of Peripheries.


The Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of São Paulo has published an article on the Pontes e Vivências de Saberes census, which collected demographic data on humans and animals, as well as socio-cultural and economic information. Professor Oswaldo Baquero of the SUP network is the coordinator of the census and one of the interviewees. Read the article.


Veterinarian Mayara Bertanhe presents the SUP Network’s research entitled Theory of planned behaviour and hand hygiene by children and adolescents in the Jardim São Remo favela, São Paulo, Brazil, at the 4th Brazilian Congress on Health Policy, Planning and Management: The SUS and the civilisation project: scenario, alternatives and proposals.


The OHP project, competing against 223 Brazilian projects from different fields of knowledge, and despite being in an embryonic stage of development, won first place in the 1° Solidarity Learning Award – Experiences that transformThe OHP Network would like to thank the community of São Remo for all the lessons learned and the Dean’s Office (Learning in the Community Programme) and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science of the University of São Paulo for their support.


The OHP project was selected in the second call for proposals of the Learning in the Community Programme of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies of the University of São Paulo. With this, the OHP network is making progress in consolidating participatory spaces to promote health through plural knowledge.